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Postby Famous » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:59 pm

What: Test Your Luck
When: 06/17/17 at exactly 13:00 CET ||8:00pm PH TIME
Mini Event: HQ
Main Event: Dimension map

Mini Event Mechanics: GM will spawn 5 jewel of cube inside each race HQ "1 at a time".
The first player who could find and hit jewel of cube once found will be qualified for our main event.

Main Event Mechanics:GM will buff "Counter Attack Skill".
5 qualified players each race will make circle around GM.
They will remove their weapons and shield. Players will hit GM "1 at a time" each round.
GM will give "GO" signal to start to hit him. If player/s died because of "Counter Attack Skill"
that means out of the game. Hits will increase to 1 ever round.

1. If you died because of hitting GM without "GO" Signal means you're out.
2. If you died because you hit morethan the required hit/s, means you're out.

Champion - Event Sword
2nd place - Perfect Leons Weapon of choice +5
3rd place - Anti Crit jetpack lvl 50 + 3
4th place - 50k vote points
5th place - 25k vote points
Welcome to Rf-Moonlight
Enjoy and have fun :)
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